• Title Programs Office 

    The Title Programs Office is responsible for overseeing compliance with the Every Student Succeeds Act or ESSA and the management of funds governed by ESSA, specifically Title I, Title II, Title IV and School Improvement Grants (both formula and competitive).  We provide technical assistance to central office staff, school level staff, parents and community members in regards to state and federal laws corresponding to these programs.  We also coordinate Title I services provided to eligible students attending non-public schools

    Goals of the Title Programs Office

    1. To provide technical assistance, analysis and interpretation of ESSA as it relates to Titles I, II and IV to administrative offices, Principals and school based staff.
    2. To submit applications to the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) for Titles I, II and IV, as well as the School Improvement Grants.
    3. To provide support and technical assistance to schools related to expenditures of Title I and School Improvement Grants to help schools and students achieve at higher levels.
    4. To provide support and technical assistance to schools as they complete the School Improvement Planning process.
    5. To coordinate Title I services for students that attend non-public or Diocesan schools.