• PPS Email and Technology   


    PPS Email   

    Your PPS email address is the official line of communication in which the Human Resources department and other district personnel will communicate with you.  Human Resources will not send formal communications to personal email addresses.  


    You can automatically forward or redirect your email messages by setting up Inbox rules in Outlook on the web.   

    1. At the top of the page, select Settings 
    2. Settings > View all Outlook settings. 
    3. Select Mail > Forwarding. 
    4. Select Enable forwarding, enter the forwarding email address, and select Save. 


    Note: If you want a copy of the original message to remain in your mailbox, select keep a copy of forwarded messages. 


    Technology Access  

    Substitute employees who need access to  eSchoolPLUS TAC at their current placement must complete and submit a Substitute Account Request Form.

    Once you have acquired technology access you can login into these systems by visiting www.pghschools.org/staff.  


    Frontline Access  

    Frontline Absence Management is the official Pittsburgh Public Schools absence management system. This system allows the District and its employees to proactively manage employee absences and substitute assignments. You will receive an email regarding your account creation within a week of your hire date. For Frontline information, please visit Frontline Absence Management.  


    Staff Resources  

    Substitute Employees can access My PPS, Microsoft Outlook, Frontline, and all other PPS resources and webpages using https://www.pghschools.org/staff.   



    Employees can submit a support request via Let's Talk. You may also email support@pghshcools.org or call 412-529-HELP (4357) during business hours: Monday-Friday 6:30-4:30.   


    Forgotten or expired passwords can be reset online here.   


    Help Desk links are also available on the Staff page 

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