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    Student Support Services


    The Office of Student Support Services is the hub that connects schools, students, families, and community with the necessary resources and supports to assure the academic, social, behavioral and emotional well-being and success of all students. 

  • Our Vision 

    Pittsburgh Public Schools’ Student Support Services Department will empower all students to graduate college, career and life ready by providing high-quality, timely and focused whole-child services to students, families, staff, and the communities we serve. 

    Our Mission 

    Pittsburgh Public Schools’ Student Support Services Department fosters the development of the whole child through a commitment to providing streamlined services with the support of families, staff, and community members. Through a focus on removing barriers for all students and with an emphasis on those who have been historically underserved, we strive to provide equitable and inclusive opportunities for the success of all PreK-12 students. 


Quick Links

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  • Bullying Policy
  • Code of Conduct
  • Electronic Absence Excuse Form
  • Gender Inclusive Handbook
  • Health Services
  • Homeless Assistance
  • Limited Open Enrollment
  • Magnet Schools
  • Out of School Time
  • Safe2Say
  • Section 504
  • Suicide Prevention
  • Title IX
  • Work Permits
  • Virtual Calming Room
  • Mental Health Resources
  • Credit Recovery