Project Positive: Matt and Damon

Matthew Dorsett and Damon Poindexter are both members of the school’s basketball team and midget league football team, the Garfield Gators. These great student athletes also serve as great student leaders, mediating conflicts with younger students and setting a positive example for all. Matt and Damon are both a part of the District's inaugural Student Envoy program for elementary students. You can Expect Great Things from both young men!  

Matt serves as a captain on the Garfield gators and that leadership transcends into the school environment.  For example, he lead his classmates in an effort to promote collaboration and a team work mentality for a project here at the school. 

Both students recently completed a project that resulted in a table display in the second floor hallway for student use.  In addition to athletics, it is their leadership skills, their overall demeanor and attitude, and care for the well-being of others that sets them apart from others. Their fellow students look up to them.