CCS 2.0 Monitoring RFP 02-15-2024


The District invites interested individuals or entities to monitor and evaluate the program compliance and the effectiveness of the provision of Covid Compensatory Services (“CCS”). Specifically, monitoring and evaluating the Individualized Determination Meeting (IDM) processes and the delivery of CCS 2.0 services.


The monitoring of the CCS 2.0 process is being put in place to monitor the fulfillment of the district’s commitment to identify program implementation gap and provide CCS services to students with 504 plans and IEPs.


Please note:

  • This process is not to revise or reconduct any part of the CCS process. 
  • The selected vendor will use the RFP to define the work.  The RFP is derived from the District’s Covid Compensatory Services Action Plan 2.0. and the District’s December 8, 2022, Preliminary Resolution Agreement with KidsVoice regarding the provision of CCS to District students.
  • Meeting the Additional Considerations listed in section 3.9.2 are not required, but RFP responses with those additional experiences will receive points in the review of the response; not having those experiences will not disqualify any applications.
CCS 2.0 Monitoring RFP_02-15-2024.pdf, 444.68 KB; (Last Modified on February 15, 2024)