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Pittsburgh Oliver Citywide Academy to Take a Trauma-Informed Approach to Building Reentry

January 23, 2022 – Pittsburgh Oliver Citywide Academy will undergo a gradual reentry process to allow students, staff,oca lofo and families time to process grief and trauma following last week's tragedy. Staff at the school will return to the building on Wednesday, January 26, with the option to work remotely or in-person on Monday and Tuesday. Students of the school will continue remote learning until Wednesday, February 2, 2022, to allow time for staff to review individual student safety, crisis management, and therapeutic crisis intervention plans with family input before students return for in-person instruction.


"We must consider the unique needs of the Pittsburgh Oliver school community following the traumatic event experienced by the students and staff of the school," said Interim Superintendent Wayne N. Walters. "It is crucial that we leverage the expertise of the school's educators to inform a reentry plan that lessens the re-traumatization of our students."


Before students return to the facility on February 2, staff will conduct small and individual counseling sessions for students as needed. District Employee and Student Assistance providers remain available to staff and students.