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Pittsburgh Penguins Foundation Scholarship Applications are now Available Online

Pittsburgh Penguins Foundation Scholarship Applications are now Available Online

PPF Scholarship Program Includes All Pittsburgh Public Schools and Allegheny County

This summer, the Pittsburgh Penguins Foundation will once again award 10 local high school graduates with 2024 Penguins Foundation Scholarships.  Applications are now available online at

In partnership with UPMC, the Penguins Foundation will award 10 educational-based scholarships for the 2023.24 school year.  Since 2014, the Penguins Foundation has awarded a total of 168 first-year scholarships to local high school seniors for excellence in academics and community service.

To be eligible, students must attend a Pittsburgh Public School or an Allegheny County high school that provides substantial aid to students for reduced-cost or free lunch programs per the National School Lunch Program (NSLP), which is administered by the Pennsylvania Department of Education - Division of Food and Nutrition. 

Each scholarship is valued at $3,000 for the student’s first year of college, and an additional $2,000 is awarded for the student’s second year of college if a 3.0 GPA is maintained and a minimum of 24 credit hours are earned.

The Penguins Foundation Scholarship is one of five (5) scholarship programs supported by the Pens Foundation to create opportunities for local students to advance through higher education.  The following scholarship programs round out the organization’s scholarship opportunities:   

Penguins/Bob Johnson Memorial Scholarship

The 2024 hockey-based Penguins/Bob Johnson Memorial Scholarship application is also available on the Penguins Foundation website.  Since 1992, the Penguins have awarded 34 Johnson scholarships to deserving high school student-athletes for excellence in athletics and academics.  The scholarship is valued at $5,000.   

Penguins Alumni Scholarship

The Penguins Alumni Scholarship was created in 2005 and is also available online.  To date, the team’s Alumni Association has awarded a total of 18 scholarships to deserving high school student-athletes.  The 1-year scholarship is valued at $5,000.

Penguins PPS All-Stars NEED Scholarship 

Created last year, the PPS All-Stars NEED Scholarship is part of the Penguins’ ongoing commitment to supporting Pittsburgh Public Schools (PPS) students.  Under the Penguins All-Stars program umbrella, opportunities for free ticketing, mentorships, and academic scholarships are available to PPS students.  There were 7 scholarships issued last year, ranging from $2,500 to $5,000. Students are encouraged to visit for complete details.

The Mike Lange Scholarship presented by S&T Bank / Penguins

Newly created earlier this season, five students were selected to receive this $5,000 scholarship award for 2024.  Scholarships were based on an S&T Bank marketing project submission, the student’s community involvement, and his/her intention to further their education in the field of communications or a related major.