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The Parent Advisory Council

The Parent Advisory Council

Start the new year off right.


Make a New Year’s resolution to volunteer at your child’s school, join the Parent Teachers Organization (PTO), attend a PSCC meeting or attend a Parent School Community Councils (PSCC) meeting. You can even make your voice heard on the Districtwide Parent Advisory Council (PAC), sharing your ideas with parents from across the city. All we need is YOU! As a member of PAC, you will have the opportunity to help develop District-level programming and policies and serve as a liaison between parents at your child’s school and District officials. Your leadership can make a difference to your child, your child’s school, and the District in general. Meetings are held on the first Thursday of each month, from 6-8 pm at Pittsburgh Sci-Tech. Dinner and childcare are provided. Come be a part of this important group of parent advocates.