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32nd Annual Thomas A. Motley SECTEM Award Submissions Unveiled

The submissions are in for the 32nd annual Thomas A. Motley SECTEM Award! Every year, students contribute to raising awareness about energy conservation through visually stunning posters.


This year's competition offers a prize of $100.00 for the first-place winner, $75.00 for second place, and $50.00 for third place.


Adding prestige to the event, Erica LaMar Motley and Roneice Freeman from ALCOSAN took on the role of special guest judges, bringing their expertise to the evaluation process.


The Plant Operations Department, collaborating with educators and the community, remains steadfast in its commitment to promoting energy conservation. This initiative aims to educate and inspire the next generation to make environmentally conscious choices.


The SECTEM Award is more than a competition; it's a platform to empower students to become stewards of the environment. By fostering creativity and innovation, the Plant Operations Department aims to instill a sense of responsibility for sustainable practices.