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An awesome friendship between 10-year-olds at Pittsburgh’s Beechwood Elementary

Friendship came naturally for Lawrence Lynch and Gavin Zett.

Gavin has Down syndrome and can’t communicate very well with other kids, particularly those outside of his life skills support classroom at Beechwood Elementary in Pittsburgh’s Beechview neighborhood.

Lawrence is in a general education classroom at the school.

Life skills and general education kids don’t typically spend much time together, but Lawrence and Gavin, both 10, met one day this school year and forged a bond.

“I just started talking to him and ever since then we just became friends,” Lawrence said.

Lawrence said he helps out Gavin. The two play together in the park. Lawrence includes him in celebrations. Lawrence said Gavin is fun to play with and funny.

Holly Sousa, Gavin’s teacher, thought Lawrence’s dedication to Gavin was so unusual that she nominated him for a Champion Award given each year by Local Task Force No. 2 for Pittsburgh Public Schools. The task force is made up of community members, human service agencies and special education administrators. It advocates for families with disabled children.

Lawrence will receive a certificate and be recognized by the school board and Superintendent Anthony Hamlet on Wednesday during a school board meeting.

Sousa described Lawrence as a natural caregiver and leader. She said Gavin, who is sometimes stubborn when told to do something at school, listens to Lawrence. The two sit together at lunch, and Lawrence accompanies Gavin on field trips.

“No adult facilitated this,” Sousa said. “It was just something that came around naturally. He doesn’t act like he’s doing anything special for anybody. He’s just doing it. He gets a kick out of Gavin. Gavin is funny, so (Lawrence) laughs with him. It just seems to be something that he enjoys.”

The friendship came as a surprise to Gavin’s mother, Cristyn, and Lawrence’s aunt, Selicia Kelly, with whom he lives. Cristyn Zett, a Pittsburgh police commander, said she was elated when she learned from teachers that her son had become friends with a student from another class.

“It pulls at your heartstrings to know that someone sees the beauty of your kid in the way that you do and can get past the communication issues and the label of the disabilities,” she said. “I was humbled and grateful and really happy for it. This is the first time that a teacher has told me that Gavin has really connected with one of the typical kids.”

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