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Board Expresses its Opposition of Sponsor Selection for 2019 Pittsburgh Kids Marathon

On October 24th the Pittsburgh Public Schools Board of School Directors approved a resolution affirming its opposition to the sponsor selection for 2019 Pittsburgh Kids Marathon.  The resolution notes that the family-owned, privately held restaurant company selected to serve as the title sponsor of the Pittsburgh Kids Marathon has expressed views contrary and in conflict with the District’s non-discrimination policies.


While the Pittsburgh Public Schools has not served as an official partner, District schools and employees have historically participated in the Pittsburgh Kids Marathon and Kids of Steel programs and races both officially and unofficially. The passing of this evening’s resolution prohibits the official participation by any school or District employee in the 2019 Pittsburgh Kids Marathon or Kids of Steel program and races.  The decision further prohibits the promotion of the 2019 Pittsburgh Kids Marathon and Kids of Steel program by District employees at District schools. 


As noted, “nothing in this resolution is intended to interfere with an individual employee’s right or rights of students and their families to participate in these programs and races on an individual basis unrelated to the District or its schools.”

Resolution of the Board of Public Education of the School District of Pittsburgh Expressing its opposition to the Sponsor Selection for the Pittsburgh Kids Marathon and Related Programs


In Other Business- Board Rejects Proposed Policy Changes to Arm School Police


This evening the Board rejected changes proposed to School Police Policy 335 that would allow school police officers to carry firearms.   Per the current policy, “the Board does not authorize its school police officers to carry firearms.”