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NEXT Up: Meet passionate public school advocate and mentor Cynthia Falls

After 18 years teaching at Carrick High School—in a Career and Technical Education program she helped develop—Cynthia Falls is showing no signs of slowing down her work as a public school champion. An Overbrook resident who previously worked as a geriatric nurse, Cynthia loves interacting with students and families from many different countries at Banksville, Beechview and Concord Elementary Schools. Originally from Brookline, Cynthia is an active member of the Pittsburgh Public Schools Board of Directors.
Monday, April 17
This is my day to “chill” after my sister’s Easter Sunday dinner for 32 people. I’ll start the week the way I usually do: a cup of coffee and a phone call to our board secretary, Laura Getty, to verify upcoming meetings.

I’ll check my calendar throughout the day; some schools have me on their robo call lists to keep me up to date with classes and events.
Later I’ll see what’s playing at the movies. Love those recliner seats at Century III’s Century Square Luxury Cinemas!

Tuesday, April 18

At Carrick’s Parent School Community Council (PSCC) meeting this morning we’re recognizing students in Advanced Placement and Center for Advanced Studies classes. A few weeks ago, we commended 370 honor roll kids—almost half the student body. That makes me proud. I mentor a Carrick senior, Malik Williams, and I’ve asked the principal if I can give him his diploma when he graduates.