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Adult Leaders and Supporters of We Promise and the Summit

Wednesday, October 28, 2015, the office of Equity hosted the junior and senior classes at the We Promise Summit. With the theme "Greatness: If I can see it, I can be it! Victim vs. Owner Mindset", the core focus remains Pittsburgh Promise eligibility. The vision of the We Promise program is to increase the percentage of African-American males graduating and/or career ready and eligible to receive the Pittsburgh Promise Scholarship. Uplifting messaging and storytelling that portrayed black men and boys as owners and authors of their success was shared throughout the day.


The We Promise formula for scholars achieving post-secondary education and career readiness is built upon collaborations with black men that serve as mentors, and by including community partnerships as viable way to share educational and professional networks with the scholars. Eleven schools participated in the event. The next We Promise Event is scheduled for Tuesday November 24, 2015.