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Pittsburgh Public plans to test students for 'gifted' eligibility

It’s no secret that students of color are not proportionally represented in the number of Pittsburgh students who are tested and classified as “gifted.”

It’s something that educational advocates have called out for years, and a fact that was highlighted early in 2017 in a comprehensive review of the district by the Council of Great City Schools that found that black students in Pittsburgh were only half as likely as white students to be enrolled in gifted and talented programs. 

But Pittsburgh Public Schools administrators want to do something about it, as they plan a roll-out of a pilot program that would screen all second-grade students at six schools to identify candidates for formal gifted testing.

If successful, the program would be expanded to the roughly 2,000 second-grade students enrolled in the district, making Pittsburgh Public one of a growing number of school districts across the country to implement universal gifted screening.

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