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Celebrating Young Talent: The Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh’s Teen Media Awards 2023

The Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh’s Teen Media Awards for 2023 recently concluded, leaving in its wake a trail of awe and inspiration. The event showcased the extraordinary talent and creativity of young artists, writers, musicians, filmmakers, and inventors from Allegheny County. The teen creators invited the community to challenge perceptions, embrace beauty, navigate complexity, and find joy in unexpected places through their diverse and innovative works.


This year's event saw over 100 talented high school students participating in the awards, competing in two main categories: The Ralph Munn Creative Writing Awards and The Labsy Awards. These awards celebrate and honor the multitude of creative endeavors pursued by young individuals, providing them with a platform to share their unique voices and visions.


The Ralph Munn Creative Writing Contest, a focal point of the event, was open to high school students living or attending school in Allegheny County, encompassing grades 9 to 12. The Library published all "entries of quality" in an anthology, distributed to all public libraries in Allegheny County, as well as to the schools of the published students. This year, 39 teens had their poetry and prose published in the anthology, and each published teen was presented with a copy.


The event concluded with the announcement of the 2023 Ralph Munn Creative Writing Contest winners:


1st Place: Poetry

- “Infestation’s hope” by Natalie Augustine, Pittsburgh CAPA, Grade 10


- Ralph Munn Cover Art Design for 2024 Anthology by Nera Akiva, Pittsburgh Allderdice, Grade 9


Short Film Honorable Mention:

- “Bloom” by Nera Akiva, Pittsburgh Allderdice, Grade 9

- Honorable mentions to Lamar Abushaban, Pittsburgh SciTech, Grade 10, and Joseph Spak, Pittsburgh SciTech, Grade 8


Music 2nd Place:

- “In My Room” by Nina Cranor, Pittsburgh SciTech, Grade 11

- Honorable mention to *Rocco Tobul*, Pittsburgh CAPA, Grade 10



- 1st place: “Justice Burns” by Brodie Bard, Pittsburgh SciTech, Grade 11

- Honorable Mention: Brodie Bard, Pittsburgh SciTech, Grade 11


3D Art:

- 2nd place: “Overextending” by Brynn Campbell, Pittsburgh CAPA, Grade 11

- Honorable Mentions to Julai Germany, Nina Cranor, and Jason Garland Jr.


2D Art:

- 1st place: “Tangled” by Naomi Davis, Pittsburgh CAPA, Grade 10

- Honorable Mentions to Brynn Campbell, Julai Germany, Nera Akiva, Leila Barber, and Naomi Davis



- Honorable Mention to Ellie Choi


These exceptional young artists and creators have not only enriched the cultural landscape of Allegheny County but have also inspired us to look beyond the ordinary and appreciate the beauty and complexity in the world around us. Their contributions remind us that creativity knows no bounds and can be a powerful catalyst for change and understanding in our society. The Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh applauds their talent and looks forward to witnessing their future endeavors in the world of arts and creativity.