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#BlackInBusiness: Yega Tita- Cosia

Yega Tita- Cosia


Owner of Yerimahs Sisters Beauty Salon
2006 Pittsburgh Allderdice graduate

What was your favorite class/classes?

Yega Tita- Cosia: Surprisingly, Math and French class. Math class prepared me to deal with inventory, payroll, money and vendors, I look back now and can appreciate it because it gave me the fundamental skills of running a business. It wasn't my favorite then, but now it is something I use every day. Also, I really enjoyed French class, shoutout to Dr. Ghougamu. He really showed us the importance of embracing other people, different cultures and how to communicate with them. In the store we deal with a plethora of people whether there from out of the country ,out of the state or right up the street. You still have to know how to communicate with them and get them their basic needs.

When was Yerimahs Sisters Beauty Supply founded and why did you feel so passionately about creating it?

Yega Tita-Cosia: The store was founded by my husband and I with the help of my sisters in 2018. I was so passionate about it because we got the business from another family of seven sisters who owned and ran it successfully for 7 years. When we had the opportunity to open it was with the help of my family including my brother Yerimah who passed away around the time we started to build the business. He was a big part of my life and always kept me motivated, which is why the store is named after him. 

Tell us a little bit about your business, what kind of products do you sell?

Yega Tita- Cosia: We are Pittsburgh's largest black-owned beauty supply store. We provide hair, wigs, extensions, jewelry, wet goods, anything you can think of along the lines of beauty and hair supply.

What is the biggest lesson you've learned since starting your business?

Yega Tita-Cosia:  The biggest lesson I've learned since starting this business which might sound cliche, is you really have to believe in yourself, work hard,  and be determined. That will set you apart from others. When nobody believes in you or thinks you can do it, you have to believe in yourself.

What is your goal for the next five years?

Yega Tita-Cosia: My goal for the next five years is to expand. I would love to have a few more retail locations and collaborate with hair stylist and braiders across the city to help them retain more revenue. Another dream of mine would be to provide hair or supplies for movies, Broadway shows, even school plays. Contributing to the PPS CTE Cosmo program so students who participate in the program can get supplies or extra things that can enhance their learning experience.

What message do you have for PPS students who want to get into business?

Yega Tita-Cosia: My message for any PPS students who want to get into business for themselves is start now, register your business with the state, market your brand, find your niche , and just go for it. Rather or not, you have two followers or one-hundred followers, people never forget good customer service and a good brand. As long as you to market yourself, you'll never lose.
You can visit Yerimahs Sisters Beauty Supply at 100 5th Ave, Pittsburgh Pa, 15222. Open 7 days a week.
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