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#BlackInBusiness: Anthony Harris

1. What class or classes were you most interested in while you were in school? Do you think those classes helped you realize

Meet Anthony Harris, a proud 2015 graduate of Pittsburgh Brashear and the visionary behind UDIGG apparel and clothing store in the Historical Hill District. During his time at Pittsburgh Brashear, Anthony actively participated in the 1Nation Mentoring Program, dedicated to the advancement of young Black men.
Anthony's journey is marked by a strong commitment to community service and uplifting those around him. As the owner and creator of UDIGG, he seamlessly blends his passion for fashion with a dedication to making a positive impact. His recent accomplishment includes organizing the UDIGG Winter Coat Giveaway in December 2023, where he generously distributed 100 brand new coats to families in the neighborhood.
With dreams of expansion and ongoing community initiatives, Anthony Harris is not just a graduate but a community leader in the making. Stay tuned for more inspiring contributions from this #PPSProud individual! 

1. What class or classes were you most interested in while you were in school? Do you think those classes helped you realize your dreams?

Anthony Harris: "Math helped to contribute to my strategy and planning when developing the business, inventory, finances, etc. Math is essential to run any business, no matter what it is. And my other favorite class was gym. You have to stay in shape physically and mentally."

2. When was UDIGG founded and why did you feel so passionate about creating it?

 Anthony Harris: "UDIGG was founded in 2017. My passion behind creating UDIGG came from my style and my interest in fashion. My friends would always compliment me about what I was wearing and how I wore my clothes. So, I put that interest together and created the brand.  I chose the name UDIGG because it combines everything important to me, my friends, my culture, my neighborhood, and everybody understands " UDIGG" worldwide."

3. What is the biggest lesson you've learned from the beginning of UDIGG until now? 

Anthony  Harris: " Always stay down, keep going, and keep doing you. You can't pay attention to the negative. "


4. Where do you see UDIGG in 5 years? 

Anthony Harris:  " I see UDIGG overseas, Global. Reaching more customers in different demographics. I would like to open another storefront in a different city and take UDIGG around the world and create a Mobile store to introduce other cities, I also would like to get into different areas of designing and creating new ideas"

5. What is a message for PPS students interested in starting a brand and going into business themselves?

Anthony Harris: "The message I have for PPS students interested in starting a clothing brand or any business for that matter,  is to believe in yourself, learn from the people you admire and who are successful at what they do, and also, get first-hand experience. Don't let anyone tell you what you can or can't do"

Anthony Harris #PPSBlackInBusiness from Pittsburgh Public Schools on Vimeo.