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The Capo-Rape Family

The Capo-Rape Family

Starting off on the right foot.

Curt Rape and wife Melissa Capo are excited to be a part of their young family’s education. With daughters Nora (Kindergarten) and Grace (PreK) attending Pittsburgh Beechwood, the family looks forward to the many celebrations the school hosts throughout the year, like Nationality night, the fall fest and the summer festival.

“Beechwood is such a wonderful community,” explains Melissa. “People come together to converse and celebrate with their kids.”

As Beechwoods’ FACE coordinator, Melissa is constantly looking for new ways to bring parents into the building and into the educational lives of their children.

“Students love it when their parents are engaged,” she says. “It’s important to show up for them and to let them know that you’re with them on this journey.”