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PA Secretary of Education Reads to Pittsburgh Lincoln 1st Grade Students 1

Dr. Khalid N. Mumin, the Pennsylvania Secretary of Education, recently paid a visit to Pittsburgh Lincoln PreK-5. During his visit, he engaged with the 1st-grade students by reading a book to them. This visit was part of Superintendent Wayne N. Walters' Black Men Read initiative.


The Black Men Read initiative is a program that invites Black male leaders from various fields into classrooms within the Pittsburgh Public Schools. Their mission is to bring the joy of reading to the district's youngest readers. Beyond that, the initiative seeks to foster a love for reading and enhance literacy skills among students. Additionally, it aims to challenge and counteract negative stereotypes and narratives that are sometimes associated with Black men.


Throughout the district, Black Men Read events are held at different schools. These events not only encourage a passion for reading but also demonstrate to students that Black men are actively invested in the well-being and educational experiences of Pittsburgh's children. The program particularly focuses on students in grades K-2, emphasizing the importance of early childhood literacy and positive role models within the community.