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Latest District Updates Regarding Frontline Absence Management

Based on a decision made by Executive Cabinet, all employees will be required to use Frontline Absence Management to request time off.

This system will ensure accurate payroll tracking, reporting of employee absences and substitute time worked (school-based professional and paraprofessional), and will standardize time-off request procedures across the District. Frontline can be accessed by employees via a mobile application, the District Staff website, or a dial-in phone system.

In alignment with the implementation of the new HR/Payroll system Munis, biweekly employees will begin using the Frontline system on February 15, 2021, and semimonthly and all other employees will begin using this system on March 19, 2021.

We expect your collaboration in ensuring that this process goes as smoothly as possible as it will help ensure accurate payroll tracking. Please carefully review the information below regarding the mandatory training for all timekeepers and supervisors. For additional information on the Frontline Absence Management implementation please read the PPS District-Wide Frontline Staff Update.

All District staff will receive additional targeted communications from Human Resources regarding expectations, training, and additional resources on how to properly use the system within the next couple of weeks. District supervisors and timekeepers, in addition to their employee accounts, will also have different access to this system in order to guarantee the immediate and effective notifications necessary when an employee is requesting time off. This will include but it is not limited to absence approvals and required payroll audits. Please note that this requirement will be business critical as it will have a direct impact in payroll.

This procedure is for recording approved absences, court subpoenas, funeral leaves, jury duty, personal leave, sick days, and vacation days. However, it does not replace the need to apply for a leave of absence if an employee is or will be absent for five or more consecutive days. As a reminder, if an employee is going to be absent for five or more consecutive sick days, the employee must complete a traditional Leave of Absence Request Form, in addition to the procedures outlined above. Please note that if an employee is requesting a leave related to COVID-19, they must complete a COVID-19 Related Leave Application Form.