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New Graduate Student Profile to Guide Planning to Prepare District Students for 21st Century

PITTSBURGH, June 22, 2016 – A new graduate student profile aimed at ensuring all District students are College and Career PPS Graduate Profile  Ready, Personally Prepared and Civically Engaged was approved by the Board this evening. The new Pittsburgh Public Schools Graduate Profile outlines 16 Attributes that will ensure all students graduate and are prepared to be successful 21st Century Citizens. Approved this evening’s Legislative Meeting, the new Graduate Student Profile will serve as a framework as the District makes key curricular and operational shifts to ensure system alignment PreK-12.

“After a year of planning and research we are thankful to the Board for tonight’s approval of our new graduate student profile. This profile will ensure that we have a PreK-12 plan that is aligned to what we know students need to be competitive 21st Century Citizens,” said Executive Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment Allison McCarthy. “The input and feedback we have received from the community has been invaluable to this process, and we look forward to their continued participation as we begin the hard work of aligning our system to ensure all students graduate College and Career Ready, Personally Prepared and Civically Engaged.”

The Graduate Profile was drafted by the District’s Teaching and Learning Advisory committee using national research and perspectives of CEO's, human resource directors and college and university educators. The draft profile was posted to the District’s website ( for several months and shared at numerous community meetings and focus groups throughout the city.

The Profile was finalized with input from key constituent groups in Pittsburgh including teachers, administrators, staff, parents, community partners, the local business community and colleges and university staff. In total more than 400 stakeholders provided feedback on the new profile.

An internal cross-functional group as well as a parent, student and community engagement team will be created to inform planning. Parents will receive additional information about the new Graduate Student Profile this fall.