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PPS students interact with physicians at UPMC Children’s

Pittsburgh CAPA student Londyn Davis wants to be a pediatrician. She loves helping people, loves the medical field, and “really loves the environment of a hospital.”

Talk about getting a firsthand look. Davis was among 130 Pittsburgh Public Schools students who spoke directly with physicians and other medical professionals at UPMC Children’s Hospital, Nov. 9, as part of a youth symposium entitled, “Bridge 2 The Future.”

Terry Smith, founder of M-Powerhouse, told the Courier his organization is committed to “addressing the educational, social and economic factors that impact our young people.”

Smith, along with Kashif Henderson, PPS’ coordinator for K-12 gifted and talented students, collaborated on this effort to bring students and doctors together. “The key is trying to challenge the (students’) critical thinking process, and the way we can do that is by acting as a scaffold,” Smith told the New Pittsburgh Courier in an exclusive interview.

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