• Create a Plan

    Addresses Criterion B Strand ii

    presents a detailed and accurate plan and record of the development process of the project


    Before you get too far in the Project, you need to plan out how you will finish the Project in the time provided.  It will help to think of all the things you will need to do to complete your project and put them all down in a mind map or list in your Process Journal.


    Once you have recorded the different tasks you will need to complete to finish your Personal Project in the time allowed, use the following form to write out a plan of what you will do and by when you will do it. 


    List the tasks you need to complete, how long you think the step will take, when you plan to start and stop them to lay out how you plan to complete the Personal Project in the time provided.  SOME STEPS CAN ME COMPLETED AT THE SAME TIME.

    Action/ Step

    How Long?

    When Start/ Stop

    How Completed?


































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