• Scholarships and Grants

    Criteria for Eligibility:
    • Official Graduation from PPS High School during the 2021-22 school year.
    • Acceptance by an accredited university, college, or vocational/technical
    • Completion of the scholarship application, including transcripts and letters of recommendation.
    • Participate in an interview with members of the scholarship committee
    Application Process:
    • Get an application from the high school counselor's office or download at link below.  
    • Get two letters of recommendation.  One letter of recommendation must be from a high school teacher from whom you’ve taken a class so he or she can address your academic potential and achievement.  (Coaches, administrators, staff, and aides cannot write a teacher recommendation unless you’ve taken a class from them.) One letter of recommendation from an individual of your choice (counselor, coach, religious leader, employer, youth group, community agency, etc).
    • You will be asked to include a 1-page Written Statement which outlines your future educational and vocational/career goals and how you plan to use the scholarship money. 
    • Request ONE COPY of your official high school transcript (transcript MUST BE SIGNED by the Counselor when uploaded).

    Scholarship Application Deadline is April 8, 2022. Download an application here.


    What are the kinds of scholarships available?

    Some are merit-based:
       1.  Earned by meeting or surpassing specific standards set by the scholarship   
       2.   May be awarded based on academic achievement or a combination of academics
            and extracurricular interest/activities

    Some are based on financial need
       FAFSA is important to determine these, follow the link for What is FAFSA?
    Many are targeted toward a certain group of people 
       ex: women, high school seniors
    Some are available because of where or your parent(s) work
        ex: scholarships for military families

    A scholarship could pay for all of the tuition or be a one-time award of a few hundred dollars. Either way, applying for scholarships is worth your time because it will ultimately reduce the cost of your education.

    How do I find a scholarship?

    1. Contact financial aid at the schools you plan on attending
    2. Talk to your guidance counselor at your school
    3. You do not need to pay to find financial aid or scholarships 

    Be careful: 
    Never give out credit card or bank account information unless you are positive the organization is legitimate 
    You can find a list of available scholarships on the US Department of Labor website: click here

    Scholarships Specific to Pittsburgh

    Pittsburgh Foundation Scholarship Search: Use this page to find scholarships that match your needs

    Pittsburgh Promise

    1. Residency in the city of Pittsburgh continuously since the beginning of 9th grade
    2. Enrollment in a PPS high school or approved charter continuously since the beginning of 9th grade
    3. Minimum of a 2.5 unweighted, cumulative GPA
    4. 90% attendance rate
    5. Follow link for application: http://pittsburghpromise.org/the-scholarship/apply
    Sam & Tamara Davis Family Scholarship  

    The Sam & Tamara Davis Family Scholarship honors the life of Sam Davis and Tamara Davis, and most importantly honors and acknowledges the unique circumstances of young people who have a parent with a permanent mental or physical disability; and/or who are raised in single adult households. Scholarship awards range between $577-$1557. 


    Pennsylvania State Grant Documents and Forms

    1. Must be a Pennsylvania resident
    2. High school graduate
    3. Enrolled as either part-time or full-time student
    4. Enrolled in a program that is at least 2 years long
    5. Enrolled in a program where at least 50% of credits needed to graduate is earned through classroom instruction
    6. Complete at least 50% of credits or hours in a classroom
    7. Have not already received a bachelors degree