• Reasonable Assurance and Emergency Permits 


    Reasonable Assurance 
    In April of every school year, Pittsburgh Public Schools emails all active Substitute employees a Reasonable Assurance Notice. This notice serves as an offer of reasonable assurance that your services will again be needed for the upcoming school year. In this notice, you will be able to access the link to complete the Reasonable Assurance Survey. Please note this communication will be sent to your PPS email. 


    If you would like to continue as a Substitute employee with Pittsburgh Public Schools for the upcoming school year, please indicate your preference by completing the 2024-25 Substitute Reasonable Assurance Survey. This link will only be active from Early April to the end of May. 


    Please note that failure to complete this survey will impact your ability to substitute for the upcoming year. 


    Emergency Permits 

    In order to remain active as a Substitute employee with Pittsburgh Public Schools, you must complete the Reasonable Assurance Survey and Day-to-Day Emergency Permit for the upcoming school year.   


    On July 1st of each school year, Substitute employees who do not currently hold a Pennsylvania Department of Education certification must renew their Day-to-Day Emergency Permit. This is not required if you are a Day-to-Day Substitute Paraprofessional. Please review the Emergency Permit Application Instructions to better understand how to complete the permit.  

    • If you complete the Reasonable Assurance Survey and/or Day-to-Day Emergency Permit (if required), your name will be placed on the active list for the upcoming school year.   
    • If you do not complete the Reasonable Assurance Survey and/or Day-to-Day Emergency Permit (if required) by the designated deadline date in the Reasonable Assurance Notice, your name will be removed from the substitute list, and you will be presumed resigned. If you are presumed resigned, you will have to complete the hiring process again which will include attending a new hire orientation and submitting all required paperwork.  
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