• Pennsylvania Value Added Assessment System (PVAAS) Dashboard

    PVAAS (Pennsylvania Value-Added Assessment System) measures student growth from one year to the next, based on state assessment performance. In this sense, growth for one student compares a student’s performance on an assessment to their performance on earlier assessments. The state assessments used in PVAAS analysis include the PSSA and the Keystone exams. The Pennsylvania Department of Education works with SAS, an analytics firm, to develop and calculate PVAAS measures and metrics.

    From the PA Department of Education and SAS’s PVAAS website:

    “PVAAS is a statistical analysis of state assessment data and provides districts and their schools with growth data to add to achievement data. This lens of measuring student learning provides educators with valuable information to ensure they are meeting the academic needs of their students.

    To help you understand PVAAS analysis, think of academic growth in terms of a child's physical growth and the growth charts utilized by a child's physician. Growth charts are an important tool for monitoring a child's development, but they are just one of the indicators used by the physician to ensure a child is growing at the minimum expected level and on the trajectory to grow as expected. A physician would not use a growth chart in isolation to diagnose a child; however, the growth chart would provide valuable information that may warrant further exploration.”

    The dashboard below displays the growth category for each PSSA and Keystone exam subject for PPS schools, as well as a growth category for the district as a whole.

    For best results, please use one of the following supported web browsers: Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, IE 11, Mozilla Firefox. Please contact support@pghschools.org if you encounter any issues.

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