• Parent Advisory Council


    The district-wide Parent Advisory Council is the District's central mechanism for ensuring that parents are well informed about Pittsburgh Public Schools related matters, and that they have the opportunity to help develop District-level programming and policy and share information with District staff. It also gives parents the opportunity to assume leadership roles by serving as liaisons between parents at their school and District officials. The Council is comprised of one to four parent or family representatives from each school. Members meet with the Office of the Superintendent, Office of Communications and Stakeholder Engagement, and/or other District leadership to do the following:
    1. Learn about key topics identified by the District for the purposes of sharing the information with other parents at their school.
    2. Participate in the development of District-level programming and policy.
    3. Share the interests and concerns of other parents at their school with District staff.


    Please speak with your school principal or FACE Coordinator if you are interested in being a parent or family representative.