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    A collection of materials from our Magnet School Programs


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    Magnet Fair Day 1: Tuesday, October 26 from 6-8pm

    Offerings for Students Entering Grades K-5 

    Allegheny Elementary, Carmalt, Dilworth, Fulton, Liberty, Linden, Montessori, Phillips & Woolslair + Early Childhood


    Magnet Fair Day 2: Wednesday, October 27 from 6-8pm

    Offerings for Students Entering Grades 6-8

    Allegheny Middle, CAPA, Carmalt, Classical, Milliones/U Prep, Obama, Schiller, Sci Tech & Sterrett


    Magnet Fair Day 3: Thursday, October 28 from 6-8pm

    Click here to join --> Offerings for Students Entering Grades 9-12

    Allderdice Pre-Engineering, Brashear Computer Science, Brashear Teaching, CAPA, Milliones/U Prep, Obama, Perry JROTC, Perry STEAM, Sci Tech + CTE Programs


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