• Leave of Absence Requests

    Keystone Insurer's Group is Pittsburgh Public Schools’ Leaves of Absence Administrator.

    Keystone administers the following medical and child related leaves of absence:

    • Medical Leaves per the Family and Medical Leave Act (“FMLA”)
    • Pregnancy Leaves per the FMLA
    • Paternity Leaves per the FMLA
    • Adoption Placement of Foster Care Placement Leaves per the FMLA
    • Childrearing Leaves
    • Non-FMLA medical, maternity, paternity, and adoption placement and foster care placement Leaves


    To Request a Medical or Child-Related Leave:

    1. Please email Keystone at pps.fmla@keystoneinsgrp.com to request a leave of absence. Please apply for your leave as soon as possible and, at least 30 days in advance, when the need to take a leave is foreseeable. 

      Please Note: Email is preferred. However, if you do not have access to email, then you may call Keystone at 1-844-865-3126.

    2. In response to your request for a leave, Keystone may request that you complete and submit certain information. Please complete and return any information that Keystone requests. Failure to do so will delay your request and may result in your leave being unapproved.

    3. Eligibility and approval will be determined by Keystone.

    Keystone will respond to your request for a leave of absence within two business days. Please avoid duplicate requests as this will cause delays in response time.

    To Request a Sabbatical, Religion-Related, or Military-Related Leave:

    Please contact Anne Reckhouse at areckhouse1@pghschools.org or 412-529-3627 for the following leave requests. Upon contacting Ms. Reckhouse, you will be guided through the application process. 

    • Health or Professional Development Sabbatical
    • Religious holiday or observance Leave
    • Military Leave covered under USERRA

    IMPORTANT: Please continue to follow regular call-off procedures, including entering your absence request daily in Frontline, until you receive in-writing confirmation that your Leave of Absence request has been approved.  If your leave is approved then Employee Relations will code it in Frontline.