• All Pittsburgh Public School employees are required to obtain a staff identification (ID) badge. Staff ID badges grant employees access to their primary place of work and must be worn at all times. Requests are being processed digitally, and badges are being delivered via interoffice mail.

    To request a new ID badge, you can use the digital request form below. If you need assistance completing the ID badge request form, please contact IDbadges@pghschools.org. To request an appointment to have your ID Badge created in person, please contact IDbadges@pghschools.org.

    When you first receive your ID Badge, it will immediately serve as photo identification, but may not immediately provide you with swipe access at your respective school location(s) as it typically takes one week to activate.



    ID Badge Errors

    If your ID badge suddenly stops working, check for any physical damage including bending or cracks.


    My ID badge is bent, broken, or otherwise physically damaged:

    If your ID badge is physically damaged, please request a new ID badge using the ID Badge Request Form.


    My ID badge is not physically damaged:

    If your ID badge has stopped working for building access and there is no physical damage, please contact securitysystem@pghschools.org. In the body of the email please include:

    · Your name

    · Your ID Badge #

    · Your job title

    · The work location(s) to which you need access

    If securitysystem@pghschools.org cannot reactivate your card, you will be asked to request a new ID badge.


    To Request an ID Badge:

    If you would like to request a new ID badge, please fill out the ID Badge Request form.


    Substitute Employees

    Day-to-Day substitutes are unable and not permitted to utilize their ID badges to swipe into schools. If a day-to-day substitute reaches the status of full-time substitute, then building access may be granted through the approval of the principal. The school's principal should email idbadges@pghschools.org to request access for the employee. Activation typically takes one week.



    Non-PPS employees, such as school contractors, can only be issued ID badges through the approval of the school's principal. Non-PPS employees may use the ID badge request form below, but the principal of their school location must also email idbadges@pghschools.org to authorize the creation of their ID badge.

    School contractors are unable and not permitted to utilize their ID badge to swipe into schools. All contractors must return their ID Badge to the school's principal once the contract term has ended.