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  • Our Philosophy of Evaluation


    Guiding Principles

          1. The evaluation process should promote professional growth.
          2. The evaluation process should reinforce a growth mindset balanced with accountability.
          3. The evaluation process should be collaborative, with District staff actively participating in the process.
          4. The evaluation process should support continual improvement in practice and school/student outcomes supporting the attainment of our District goals.
          5. The evaluation process should be student/school outcomes driven.
          6. The evaluation process should be differentiated.
          7. The evaluation process should provide staff with access to support and resources that assist in developing their practice.


    Theory of Action

    The Theory of Action serves as a guiding framework for both evaluators and staff throughout the evaluation process. This framework demonstrates the cyclical nature of the evaluation process as staff and supervisors collaborate to:

          • assess areas of strength and growth
          • develop personalized support plans
          • monitor progress
          • evaluate practice

    At each stage of the cycle, feedback, refinement, support, and implementation play integral roles in driving meaningful outcomes and fostering a culture of continuous improvement and accountability for outcomes that benefit our students. The evaluation process is not just about issuing a rating but rather providing a cycle that offers opportunities to improve one's practice. Further, the growth and evaluation process should underscore the importance and responsibility of providing support and resources that propel an employee to perform at their highest level. By embracing this cycle and incorporating it into how we talk about performance, both evaluators and staff can ensure alignment with our District's goals and navigate the evaluation process with clarity, purpose, and effectiveness, ultimately driving Pittsburgh Public Schools toward becoming a premier school district that succeeds in putting "Students First, Always, in all ways".

Cycle of Professional Growth