• Graduation

  • Graduation Requirements 

    In order to graduate, students must successfully complete 26.5 academic credits; one Graduation Project (see explanation below) and must achieve Proficiency on the Keystone exams
    1. The 26.5 Credits must be earned in the following areas:
    Content Area Non-CTE Students CTE Students
    English 4 credits 4 credits
    Science 4 credits 3 credits
    Mathematics (3 required credits: Algebra 1,2 and Geometry) 4 credits 4 credits
    Social Studies
    (with a minimum of 3 credits in Social Studies, the 4th credit may be satisfied by a level 3 course in World Language)
    4 credits 3 credits
    Electives: Academic, Art, Career Development an/or Physical Education 7 credits  9 credits
    Health 1 credit 1 credit
    Physical Education 2 credits 2 credits
    Graduation Project .5 credits .5 credits

    2. Graduation Project
    Each student is required to complete a graduation project that highlights accomplishments in all subject areas and focuses in a particular career field.  The project begins during junior year and continues through senior year. 

    3. Proficiency on Keystones
    Proficiency is the demonstration of knowledge of key concepts in a particular subject area on an assessment.  Keystones have a 4 point scale: 4=Advanced, 3=Proficient, 2=Basic, 1=Below Basic.  To demonstrate proficiency, students must score a 3 or 4.

    Students must demonstrate proficiency on the Algebra, Literature and Biology Keystone. 

    PROMISE-READINESS is more than a 2.5 GPA and 90% attendance.   

    It is:  
    • Academic Mastery A rigorous course of study in high school is the number #1 predictor of college completion
    • Behaviors and Habits including study skills and a healthy lifestyle
    • Ambitions and Dreams including a detailed plan for the future