• PPS Graduate Profile

    Pittsburgh Public Schools’ future-ready graduates are lifelong learners who are academically prepared, fundamentally capable, and globally and civically engaged to complete a two- or four-year college degree or workforce certification and can contribute to the local and global community.

    Guiding Belief Statements

    1. All students can achieve.
    2. The core work of the district is to ensure that all students are prepared to be life-long learners in college, career, and the local and global community.
    3. We can raise the achievement of all of our students and eliminate racial disparities.
    4. All students will have equitable access to effective teachers, rigorous, culturally-relevant, and high quality curriculum.
    5. The curriculum and instruction will include rich and differentiated learning experiences inside and outside of the classroom.
    6. Academic and non-academic skills and knowledge contribute to student character, integrity, and success.
    7. Inclusion of parents and the community is a critical component to the success of our students. 
  • Academically Prepared
    Knowledge in Content
    • Engage in a continuum of learning across a broad curriculum, including areas of interest and passion.
    • Attain the core knowledge and competencies needed to meet or exceed college and career standards.
    • Apply acquired knowledge and skills as deep thinkers and engage in real-world situations, solve problems, and create new knowledge.
    • Experience internships, service-learning and career fields, post-secondary options of interest, and develop interviewing skills.
    Financial, Foundational, and Technology Literate
    • Understand personal financial responsibilities and actions.
    • Make responsible financial plans and decisions.
    • Use communication and technological skills and social awareness to present themselves in a variety of formats—through listening, speaking, reading, writing, and artistic expression.
    • Use digital media and technology to communicate, solve problems, synthesize information and create new knowledge.
    • Manage digital identity thoughtfully and ethically.
    • Engage in research to generate original ideas and critique the ideas of others.
    • Research to locate information, explore opportunities and deepen understanding.
    • Be resourceful and look for multiple perspectives and sources of information.
  • Fundamentally Capable


    Critical and Creative Thinkers and Problem Solvers
    • Think critically by using reason and analysis to solve problems, make decisions, and draw conclusions.
    • Seek and question new knowledge and information to confront emerging challenges and be flexible and adaptable.
    • Demonstrate perseverance when tackling complex problems to reach a solution.
    • Engage in problem-solving.
    • Act on intellectual curiosity by questioning assumptions and evaluating information and perspectives.
    • Approach situations with an entrepreneurial spirit.
    Effective Communicators and Collaborators
    • Use effective written, verbal, and non-verbal communication skills.
    • Collaborate with peers and adults in a variety of settings beyond the classroom and for a variety of purposes.
    Growth Minded
    • Persist in challenging or adverse situations, to achieve goals, and learn from experiences.
    • Practice self-efficacy by accepting and embracing failure to elevate.
    • Listen to other perspectives to balance ideas and reach positive solutions.
    • Examine multiple solutions through abstract thinking.
  • Globally and Civically Engaged

    Personally and Socially Grounded

    • Demonstrate a strong sense of purpose of self—believe they have purpose and value; have confidence in their abilities, potential, and agency.
    • Exercise emotional intelligence to be aware of, control, and express one’s emotions.
    • Handle interpersonal relationships thoughtfully and with empathy.
    • Create a safe environment.
    Committed to Social Justice
    • Understand matters of equity, race, and diversity in the world and the community. They will be unrelenting and focused in their pursuit of the elimination of such inequities.
    • Advocate for themselves and on behalf of their communities and others.
    • Possess the skills to navigate the critical conversations that. precede social change and understand different methods for pursuing social justice.
    • Exhibit knowledge of the core principles of democracy and participate and guard civic engagement.
    Culturally Driven
    • Exercise cultural humility.
    • Demonstrate compassion and cultural awareness for others.
    • Study and appreciate cultures outside of their own.