• Getting Kids to School


    Responsible for the transportation of all school-aged children that live within the City of Pittsburgh, the District anticipates the need to transport close to 17,596 students to and from school each day during the 2021-2022 school year. Similar to school districts across the country, Pittsburgh Public Schools (PPS) must transform its approach to transporting students to limit the impact of a national school bus driver shortage, hitting close to home. This shortage became exacerbated due to the lack of work available during the pandemic while school buses stood still and other jobs were hiring. This ongoing lack of bus drivers leaves the District short-handed, making it difficult to ensure realiable transportation for every student, every day.

  • Changes to School Start and End Times to Support Proposed Multi-Tiered Scheduling

    A new collective bargaining agreement ratified by the Pittsburgh Federation of Teachers (PFT) and PPS Board supports the District's efforts to seek solutions to address the seat gap.  Through the use of a three tiered bussing system (multi-tiered), the District will increase the number of routes one yellow bus driver can complete before and after school for a maximum of six routes a day, serving up to 144 students. The adjustments to start times include the following:

    Tier 1: 7:15 AM to 8:05 AM Start Times
    High Schools, 6-12 schools and special schools such as Conroy, Pioneer and Oliver Citywide

    Tier 2: 8:25 AM Start
    Most neighborhood schools including the Student Achievement Center

    Tier 3: 9:25 AM Start
    Schools serving students traveling from all areas of the city including Magnet schools, partial magnet/neighborhood schools and schools that serve as regional sites for special education students and English as a Second Language

    Please find below the changes to school start and end times for the 2021-2022 school year.

    New Bell Schedule Times and Tiers

    Allderdice 1 7:15AM 2:15PM
    Allegheny 6-8 3 9:25AM 4:10PM
    Allegheny K-5 3 9:25AM 4:10PM
    Arlington 2 8:25AM 3:10PM
    Arsenal 6-8 3 9:25AM 4:10PM
    Arsenal K-5 3 9:25AM 4:10PM
    Banksville 3 9:25AM 4:10PM
    Beechwood 3 9:25AM 4:10PM
    Brashear 1 7:15AM 2:15PM
    Brookline 2 8:25AM 3:10PM
    CAPA 6-8 1 8:05AM 3:30PM
    CAPA 9-12 1 7:35AM 3:45PM
    Carmalt 3 9:25AM 4:10PM
    Carrick 1 7:15AM 2:15PM
    Clayton 1 7:28AM 2:00PM
    Colfax 2 8:25AM 3:10PM
    Concord 3 9:25AM 4:10PM
    Conroy 1 7:40AM 2:06PM
    Dilworth 3 9:25AM 4:10PM
    Faison 2 8:25AM 3:10PM
    Fulton 3 9:25AM 4:10PM
    Grandview 2 8:25AM 3:10PM
    Greenfield 2 8:25AM 3:10PM
    King 2 8:25AM 3:10PM
    Langley 2 8:25AM 3:10PM
    Liberty 3 9:25AM 4:10PM
    Lincoln 2 8:25AM 3:10PM
    Linden 3 9:25AM 4:10PM
    Manchester 3 9:25AM 4:10PM
    Mifflin 2 8:25AM 3:10PM
    Miller 2 8:25AM 3:10PM
    Minadeo 2 8:25AM 3:10PM
    Montessori 3 9:25AM 4:10PM
    Morrow 2 8:25AM 3:10PM
    Obama 6-12 1 7:15AM 2:15PM
    Oliver Citywide 1 7:50AM 2:00PM
    Perry 1 7:15AM 2:15PM
    Pgh Classical 3 9:25AM 4:10PM
    Phillips 3 9:25AM 4:10PM
    Pioneer 1 8:00AM 2:11PM
    Roosevelt 2 8:25AM 3:10PM
    Schiller 3 9:25AM 4:10PM
    Sci Tech 6-12 1 7:15AM 2:15PM
    South Brook 2 8:25AM 3:10PM
    South Hills 1 7:15AM 2:15PM
    Spring Hill 2 8:25AM 3:10PM
    Sterrett 3 9:25AM 4:10PM
    Student Achievement 2 8:25AM 3:10PM
    Sunnyside 2 8:25AM 3:10PM
    University Prep 9-12 1 7:15AM 2:15PM
    University Prep 6-8 1 7:15AM 2:15PM
    Weil 2 8:25AM 3:10PM
    West Liberty 2 8:25AM 3:10PM
    Westinghouse 6-12 1 7:15AM 2:15PM
    Westwood 2 8:25AM 3:10PM
    Whittier 2 8:25AM 3:10PM
    Woolslair 3 9:25AM 4:10PM
  • Solution Driven Response

    The Pittsburgh Public Schools Transportation Department continues to take steps to gain efficiencies in transportation services to address the seat gap. So, what is being done?

    Increasing Walk Zones

    Students are eligible for transportation based on the distance between their home and their assigned school. Transportation eligibility is measured from the nearest point where a private way or private road connects the student's residence to the nearest point where a public road touches the school grounds. Students in grades K-8 are eligible for transportation if they live more than 1.5 miles from school, and students in grades 9-12 are eligible for transportation if they live more than 2 miles from school.

    To eliminate the need for 22 yellow buses, the District increased walk zones to align with state and Board policy, moving currently ineligible students from transportation to walkers. The move impacts nearly 800 students. Families received notification from the Transportation Department early August if their student will be moved to walker status.

    Moving Additional Students to Port Authority

    An approximate 1,028 students will transition from yellow buses to Port Authority, joining the nearly 5,000 students currently utilizing Port Authority to get to and from school. The increase use of public transportation through Port Authority will eliminate the need for 38 yellow buses, impacting the following schools:

    • 6-8 grade students at Pittsburgh Obama and Sci-Tech;
    • 6-12 at Pittsburgh Milliones
    • 6th graders at Pittsburgh CAPA. Students in grades 7th and 8th currently use Port Authority
    • Students attending non-PPS schools including Bishop Canevin High School, Ellis School, Environmental Charter School, Manchester Charter School, Sacred Heart, The Neighborhood Academy, Propel Charter Schools and Winchester Thurston will move to Port Authority.

    Students receiving specialized transportation per their IEP will continue to receive those services. Transportation mailers to impacted students arrived in early August and included bus tickets to allow students and families opportunities to do “dry runs” in order to familiarize themselves with the use of public transportation.

  • How can families help?

    Release Your Seat

    Families who are able to transport their student to and from school are asked to notify the District at www.pghschools.org/releaseyourseat or Let’s Talk to release their seat. In addition, Port Authority ConnecTIX tickets will be available to families who need them. Families are encouraged to contact Let’s Talk at www.pghschools.org/Letstalk or at 412-529-HELP if they are able to use ConnecTIX for school transportation.

    Become a School Bus Driver
    Transportation companies across our region are looking for bus drivers to safely transport Pittsburgh Public Schools students to and from school. All you need is a valid driver’s license, excellent driving skills, and an outstanding driving record. Applicants must pass clearance checks, drug test, and a criminal background check with no DUIs or felonies. Paid CDL Training is provided at most bus companies and some include signing bonuses. We need YOU! So, start your new career today! Contact Pupil Transportation at 412-529-5947 or visit our website at www.pghschools.org/transportation for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


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