• Employee of the Month    
    EOM Collage   
     At the Pittsburgh Public Schools we celebrate the commitment and dedication of staff. 
    The District has developed an Employee of the Month program to recognize two employees, one instructional and one non-instructional, each month who:
    • Demonstrates why we can expect great things in PPS;
    • Has a 'teamwork" mindset;
    • Provides quality customer service
    • Contributes significantly to the District, and/or employees, and/or students, and/or the community; and
    •  Diligently works towards the mission of the Pittsburgh Public Schools to become one of America's premier school districts, student-focused, well-managed and innovative. 
    Full-time or part-time employees, with at least one full year of service in PPS, may be nominated.  All nominations must be submitted by the 10th of each month. 
    Selected employees will receive special recognition, a certificate, and entry for consideration for Employee of the Year.