• Early Intervention Program

    EI Classroom Children Parents of children who are at least two years nine months but not yet five years of age may request a developmental screening and/or evaluation by contacting the Early Intervention Office at 412-529-4000. Evaluations for children from birth to age two years nine months may be arranged through the Alliance for Infants and Toddlers at 412-885-6000.

    Developmental screenings in the areas of cognitive, physical, communication, social and emotional, self-help, hearing and vision will be conducted by appointment at selected neighborhood and elementary school sites across the district. 
    Evaluations will be conducted for children who have had a developmental screen through the Pittsburgh Public Schools or a screening/evaluation through another agency and the results reflect possible eligibility for early intervention services. These meetings will help determine eligibility for early intervention services for preschool children. A child is eligible for services if she or he has a 25% delay in one or more areas of development and a need for specially designed instruction. 
    Services and programs for eligible children are provided in numerous city sites including:  Pittsburgh Public Schools Early Childhood classrooms, COTRAIC Head Start, community daycares and preschools.
    If you have concerns about your preschool child’s development, please call the Early Intervention office at 412-529-4000 to schedule a screening or evaluation appointment. Appointments are available year round and in various neighborhoods through out the city. Call for the location closest to you. 

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