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    Obama Academy PTSA

    Our Mission:

    To support and provide resources to the Obama Academy community, fostering an outstanding educational experience through communication, engagement and unity.

    We are a 501(c)3 organization that works to:

    ● Improve communication between teachers, staff, students, families and community.

    ● Provide supplemental funding for tech upgrades, school supplies, student enrichment.

    ● Organize volunteer support for tutoring and school activities.

    Recent progress toward these goals has included:

    ● Securing a $75,000 grant from Google © to establish the creation of PPS’s first Maker Space.

    ● Providing scholarships for Obama students to attend enrichment workshops.

    ● Coordinating the donation/purchase of equipment and supplies.

    ● Funding and facilitating activities for school beautification.

    ● Awarding grants to Obama Academy teachers to provide supplemental classroom materials.

    ● Organizing an International Festival that celebrates the diversity of the Obama community.

    We have even bigger plans for this school year, but we need you to make them happen. Please:

    ● Attend our monthly meetings, first one will be on 9/25, Tuesday at 6:30pm, in the library.

    ● Like us on Facebook at Pittsburgh Obama 6-12 PTSA (facebook.com/pghobamaptsa).

    ● Volunteer your time to ensure that your child’s school can provide the best possible education!

    We look forward to a great year for all our kids,

    PTSA Executive Board

    For more information please contact us directly at: obamaptsa@gmail.com  .

    Please print out the enrollment form below to join our PTSA family.

    2018-19 PTSA Registration Form


    College Readiness Information Packet