• IB 6-12 At-a-Glance

    Student Achievement

    Percentage Students Scoring Proficient & Advanced:


    129 Denniston Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15206

    Grade Organization:

    International Baccalaureate full magnet school serving Grades 6-12 (serving grades 6-10 in 2009-10)

    The International Baccalaureate 6-12* is a whole school magnet program that utilizes the Middle Years (MYP, grades 6-10) and Diploma (DP, grades 11-12) Programmes across the grade levels. It is a world-renowned program in which academically successful and highly motivated students may pursue the full IB Diploma in grades 11 and 12 or individual certificates in areas of their greatest strength (see www.ibo.org for more information). IB Diploma candidates must complete specific courses and pass a battery of rigorous oral and written examinations which are administered to IB students around the world. Students begin their preparation for Diploma level work in their grades 6-10 Middle Years coursework.

    Quick Facts

    • Whole-school International Baccalaureate magnet; preference given to students who have completed the K-5 International Studies program at Pittsburgh Fulton, Pittsburgh Liberty, Pittsburgh Linden, Pittsburgh Northview and Pittsburgh Phillips
    • One period of world language instruction each day; opportunities provided for students to use their world language with native speakers
    • Community of Caring (character education)
    • Students are asked to set a goal for each class and to monitor their own progress, using an Agenda Book

    Special Education Programs/Services

    • Learning Support/Emotional Support
    • Centers for Advanced Studies (Gifted Education)

    Parent/Family Involvement Opportunities

    • Parent School Community Council
    • Parent Teacher Organization (PTO)
    • School Volunteers
    • Monthly Parent Conferences