• Registration/Enrollment in Pittsburgh Public Schools

    Looking to enroll your child? You've come to the right place!
    Learn about registering a student who:
    • Is new to Pittsburgh Public Schools
    • Moved to a new neighborhood within the District
    • Is returning to a Pittsburgh Public School from another school

    How do I register for school in Pittsburgh Public Schools?

    Pittsburgh Public Schools offers a variety of offerings and options for families. We have two types of schools for students in Kindergarten through grade 12 - Neighborhood Schools and Magnet Schools and Programs. We also have Early Childhood Programs (for 3 to 5-year olds).

    In order for a child to be eligible to register for Kindergarten, they must turn 5 years old by September 30th of the school year for which they are registering.

    Step 1: Determine which type of School is right for your child.

    Step 2:
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    Little Freddie(Early Childhood Logo)
    Early Childhood Early Childhood Program provides children, ages three to five, with a comprehensive, full day educational program designed to reinforce and respond to the unique strengths and needs of the individual child and family. Learn how to Register here
    Neighborhood Schools Logo
    Neighborhood Schools Every student is assigned to a neighborhood school by the student's address. Neighborhood schools are also referred to as "feeder" schools. "Feeder" comes from feeder pattern. Addresses in the same area are grouped into a feeder pattern and assigned to the same neighborhood school. Learn how to Register here
    Magnet Schools Logo
    Magnet Schools Magnet schools and programs allow students to pursue special interests, talents or career goals. Magnet schools are not neighborhood specific so students who reside anywhere in the District are eligible to attend. Students must apply and are admitted by lottery if application is received before mid-December or general registration if application is received after December. Some magnet programs in Pittsburgh serve the entire school (e.g., Linden elementary) and others are programs incorporated into a school (e.g., Allderdice Pre-engineering). Learn how to Register here