• Facts at a Glance


    District Mission

    The Pittsburgh Public Schools will be one of America’s premier school districts, student-focused, well-managed and innovative. We will hold ourselves accountable for preparing all children to achieve academic excellence and strength of character, so that they have the opportunity to succeed in all aspects of life.
  • District Desired Outcomes for Students 

    • Increase proficiency in literacy for all students
    • Increase proficiency in math for all students
    • Ensure all students are equipped with skills to succeed in college, career and life
    • Eliminate racial disparity in achievement levels of African-American students



    Interim Superintendent, Dr. Wayne N. Walters

    Board of Education:

    Sylvia Wilson        District 1
    Devon Taliaferro    District 2
    Sala Udin              District 3
    Pam Harbin           District 4
    Tracey Reed          District 5
    Bill Gallagher        District 6
    Jamie Piotrowski   District 7
    Kevin Carter         District 8
    Gene Walker         District 9


    Total number of employees: 4,192
    Total number of teachers: 2,070 teachers 
    Total number of school leaders: 104
    Total number central office administrators: 105 

    Our Budget

    2022 General Fund Budget: $668.3 million 

    Meal Information

    Breakfasts served daily: 12,834
    Lunches served daily: 19,075
  • Our Schools (K-12)

    Total number of schools: 54
    K-5 Schools: 23 
    K-8 schools: 11
    6-8 Schools: 7
    6-12 Schools: 5
    High Schools: (9-12) 4
    Special Schools: 4

    Early Childhood Programs (Pre-Kindergarten)

    Early Childhood Centers: 8
    Pre-Kindergarten Classrooms: 85
    Early Intervention Classrooms: 6
    Early Head Start Classrooms (Infant-Toddler): 6

    Enrollment 2021-2022

    Elementary (K-5): 8,537
    Middle (6-8): 4,284
    Secondary (9-12): 5,614
    Early Childhood: 1,191
    Total Enrollment: 20,350 

    Magnet Programs*

    Whole-school magnets: 11 
    Neighborhood schools offering magnet programs: 9

    Diversity at Pittsburgh Public Schools

    Native languages spoken by students: 95
    Countries represented in PPS: 57
    African-American students: 53%
    White students: 33%
    Other races: 14% 
    English Language Learners: 1,108