• Reopening Our Schools

    All-In to Reopen our schools

    District staff has been hard at work to ensure the safe return of students. Guided by the expertise and recommendations of the Center for Disease Control (CDC), Pennsylvania Department of Health,  Allegheny Health Department and District health officials, PPS has put in place multiple safeguards to support safe reopening of schools. 

    On October 28, the Board approved the phased-in approach to in-person hybrid learning.  For this reason, Pittsburgh Public Schools will take a phased approach to its AA/BB/C/D blended model, beginning in-person hybrid instruction with its most vulnerable students, Cohort D, on November 9. Students in Cohorts AA and BB will remain in full-time E-Learning until in-person instruction begins no earlier than January 4, 2021, and no later than January 25. Families who chose to remain in full-time E-Learning will continue and may opt into in-person instruction no earlier than January 25. 

    Beginning in January 2021 (no earlier than January 4 and no later than January 25), students in Cohorts AA and BB will spend two days learning in school and three days learning remotely. Families who have chosen to remain in full-time E-Learning will be in Cohort C. Students in Cohort D, include students with special needs, medically fragile students, English Language Learners, and other student groups, are able to have a four day a week in-person model. Based off new criteria approved this evening, Cohort D will be formulated, and school principals will notify families of affected students.

Reopening Health and Safety Plan Fact Sheets

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