• Building Substitute Model


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      Building Substitute Model Overview

      • Building Substitute Model Overview 

        Through a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Pittsburgh Federation of Teachers (PFT), Pittsburgh Public Schools will continue an updated Building Substitute Model for the 2023-24 school year.  


        A Building Substitute is a day-to-day substitute professional that is assigned to one (1) school for the 192-day, 2023-24 school year (this includes Professional Development and Clerical Days). The goal of the Building Substitute Model is to provide a consistent substitute to fill in for a school's daily absences or vacancies. Building substitutes are expected to work anywhere they are needed, including teacher or paraprofessional absences, lunch duty, playground monitor, or other duties as assigned by school administration. 


        Building Substitutes receive six (6) non-cumulative sick days per semester. These sick days will not be transferred to other semesters, and they will not be paid out at the end of the year. 


        It is the responsibility of the Building Substitute to ensure they are entered in Frontline accurately.  All substitute employees are encouraged to check Frontline whenever they work at a school to make sure they are entered on time. 


      Building Substitute Training

      • Building Substitute Training 

        All building substitutes are required to complete an orientation course that can be found on the Professional Learning Platform. Please visit the Professional Learning Platform webpage for more information.

      How to Become a Building Substitute

      • How to Become a Building Substitute 

        At the end of the 2022-23 school year, Principals and other school leaders had the opportunity to recommend substitute professionals for their building substitute positions. The recommended substitutes were given five (5) business days to respond to an offer.  


        All returning substitute professionals will be sent a Building Substitute sign-up for the remaining building substitute positions.   


        All new substitute professionals and all returning substitute professionals who did not accept Building Substitute positions will need to apply for the Building Substitute position in the applicant tracking system found at https://www.pghschools.org/careers. The application includes a preference survey to indicate preferred geographic area and grade span. After being cleared for work, Substitute Services will assign the substitutes to a school that fits their preference. If there are no schools available that fit the preference, Substitute Services will work to provide alternative positions. 

      Building Substitute Pay

      • Building Substitute Pay


        Pittsburgh Public Schools has received Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) funds which permits us to increase the daily rate for building substitutes to $150/day for the 2023-24 school year. 


        Building Substitutes use the 2023-24 School Year Non-Administrator Semimonthly Pay Schedule. Please visit the Pay and Payroll webpage for more information.

      Building Substitute Benefits

      • Building Substitute Benefits


        Building Substitutes receive six (6) non-cumulative sick days per semester. The sick days are not able to be carried over from one semester to another. Unused sick days are not paid out at the end of each semester. 

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