• Frontline Absence Management is the official Pittsburgh Public Schools absence management system. This system allows the District and its employees to proactively manage employee absences and substitute assignments.

    For positions that require substitute coverage, it is the District’s procedure that substitutes must be assigned through the Frontline Absence Management system. This is required in order to comply with various Collective Bargaining Agreements and Pennsylvania School Code. It is essential to adhere to stated procedures in order to comply with applicable laws, inform accurate reporting, and ensure appropriate payments are issued to substitutes.


    Access to Frontline Absence Management 

    Frontline can be accessed by employees via a mobile application, a web-based application, and a dial-in phone system without having to be within the PPS Network. Pittsburgh Public Schools utilizes a single sign-on (SSO) service and it has now activated Single Sign-On to Frontline Absence Management. This grants access for all District employees access to the system with their board credentials (District email and password). This means that you will no longer need to maintain or use your previous Frontline login credentials (Frontline ID and password). Please review the Frontline Absence Management - Login Instructions with Single Sign-On for more information on accessing the system with your board credentials.

    There are three different types of Frontline Absence Management user accounts: 

    Campus Users (Supervisors)

    Campus Users (Timekeepers)

    Employee Users (All Employees)

    Substitute Users (Day-to-Day Substitutes)

    All users can also access Frontline Absence Management via the Frontline mobile app. Once downloaded, in order to gain access to the Frontline Education mobile app, you will need the four-digit invitation code which is 7354.

    Employee and Substitute Users can also access Frontline Absence Management via the dial-in Frontline service by calling the toll-free number 1-800-942-3767. In order to access the dial-in Frontline service you must use your Phone Login ID (Phone Login) and PIN. Please note that your Phone Login ID will be your main phone number registered on your employee record.


    Support for Frontline Absence Management 

    How you use the system will vary based on the type of user you are. For more information on using Frontline Absence Management, please navigate to the additional sections located on the left side of this page. Note that new users will receive an email with information on how to access Frontline Absence Management within a week of their hire date.

    If you believe you should have access to the system or if you are unable to access the system after the given timeframe, please email support@pghschools.org.