• Imagine a New PPS

    All parents have a dream for their children. By working together, all of us – parents, teachers, school district staff, the Board of School Directors and the Pittsburgh community – can help make those dreams come true.  At PPS, we know the world is changing, and public education must change with it. That’s why, on December 3, 2019, the Pittsburgh Public Schools announced a new city-wide initiative called Imagine PPS. 

    We have enlisted the help of community champions who have a stake in the future of our city.  They include leaders from local government, universities, businesses, health care institutions and charitable foundations.  These leaders will provide expertise, resources and financial support to help the District tackle its biggest challenges. 

    Twelve design teams  - led by led by an external partner community champion and staffed by a mix of PPS staff and community members – will design action plans for 12 focus areas within four categories:

    • System Design (Graduate Student Profile, Graduation Requirements, Pupil Progression Plan)
    • School Design (Career Middle School, Birth- Age 8 Programming, STEM School – Medical Careers)
    • School Improvement of Underperforming High Schools (Pittsburgh Milliones 6-12, Pittsburgh Perry High School, Pittsburgh Westinghouse 6-12); and
    • Areas of Interest (Mental Health/Trauma-Informed Care, Arts, Athletics, "Homemade" Healthy Food, Program for Students with Exceptionalities (Special Education) Infrastructure)

    We are calling on all Pittsburgh residents to join us as we re-imagine the way we deliver education so that every one of our students graduate personally prepared, civically engaged and ready to take on the jobs of the future.

    Over the course of six months, there will be multiple ways to add your voice to the conversation. While engagement will take place throughout the planning, targeted dates for engagement will occur in two phases – January 2020 and April 2020 based on proposal timelines. 


    Imagine PPS from Pittsburgh Public Schools on Vimeo.


    Imagine PPS - Engagement Session Presentation

    News Release: Pittsburgh Public Schools Partners with Community Champions to Launch New City-wide Initiative Imagine PPS

    December 3, 2019, Board Education Committee Meeting - Imagine PPS Presentation

    Imagine PPS Concept Paper