• Youth Participatory Budget Council

    As part of the YBPC, members will learn about the inner workings of city government and the school district as they create a proposal for how to use funds on a capital project.


    The Youth Participatory Budget Council (YPBC) was created in 2017 by Councilman Corey O’ Conner, recognizing that Youth and children’s voices are usually excluded from the political process, as they are not allowed to vote, and are not well equipped to advocate for their preferred policies.  We are proud to announce that Pittsburgh Public School’s will be partnering with the city to launch the PPS Youth Participatory Budget Council!

    District and City leadership are looking for 20 student representatives across all 9 districts who can represent their community properly, show respect for self and others, communicate well, consider others’ ideas and try to make things happen. Five slots will be allotted to students who attend charter, parochial and private schools.

Doodles of charts and books and papers
  • PPS YPBC Members will:

    • Be a liaison between their community and city council.

    • Share the interests and concerns of families in their community at the district with Administrators and City Council staff.

    • Learn about district and city policies and political structures.

    • Have open discussions about ideas.

    • Work on an advocacy project for city council to sponsor.

    • Meet twice a month as a council.
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  • All PPS Youth Participatory Budget Council members must be strongly connected to their community. All members must be available to attend the Student Summer Leadership training August 13-16, 2018.