• Student Advisory Council Voting Campaign

    Voting Campaign Logo Welcome to the PPS Superintendent’s Student Advisory Council’s Voting Campaign, which focuses on registering and educating our next generation of voters.  

    This campaign has been organized by a committee of students from three different PPS high schools (Bana A. from SciTech, Dominic V., Zharia W. and Chazzlyn B. from Obama, and Maddie S. from CAPA). 

    Before you embark on the journey to learn about voting in the U.S., please take a second to read why voting matters.

    Why should I vote? 

    As U.S. Citizens, it’s our responsibility to vote so that we can participate in the country’s democratic process and tell our representatives what we want for our country. Many believe that their vote doesn't matter. However, this assumption is false, as your vote contributes to the process. Think about it: if everyone decided that their vote doesn't matter, then how do we know who the country really wants as its leaders? The “vote that doesn’t matter” piles up when you do engage in the process, and then you can see that it does matter. This won’t happen if you don’t vote. Even if you do not completely agree with the candidates, it’s important to consider who will be able to represent you better, because it is inevitable that one of the candidates will be elected. Choose who you agree with the most. 

    Why should youth, specifically, vote? 

    Historically, young voter turnout (how many young people vote) has always been low. Typically, this is because of a lack of information on registration, the process, and when to vote. We want to change that this year because our vote makes a direct impact on everyone. Also, in the 2018 Midterm election, the youth turnout was the highest it has been in recent years and produced the most diverse Congress in American history. For that reason, we, the Pittsburgh Public Schools Superintendent’s Student Advisory Council, made a folder with all of the information that you need to know before you go and put in your vote.