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  • Three students looking at math problem together Students build understanding and develop skills from their own experience. Mathematics is more meaningful when it is rooted in real life contexts and situations. Children begin school with more mathematical knowledge and intuition than previously believed. Our program builds on this, and gradually moves children from a concrete to an abstract and symbolic understanding.

    Mastery of mathematics concepts and skills comes over time, with repeated exposure and practice. This enables students to make new connections and build on the mathematical content they already know while gradually learning more difficult and challenging content. A well-articulated and aligned PreK-12 curriculum focuses on mathematics content and processes that are important and worth the time and attention of students to prepare them for college, the workforce and citizenship.


    Mathematics is the science of order, patterns, structure, and logical relationships (Kenney, 2005). Finding and exploring this regularity to make sense of it is what is meant by doing mathematics. In the PPS, we believe that all students are capable of making sense of mathematics. In order to provide opportunities for our students to do mathematics and make sense of it, we share these beliefs:

    • Classroom environments are a safe and respectful place where students can take risks as problem solvers.
    • Students focus on figuring things out, testing ideas and making conjectures, developing reasons and explaining solutions.
    • Students defend their methods and justify solutions in groups, in pairs and individually as they deepen their mathematics understandings.
    • Reasoning, effort and persistence are celebrated as much as correct answers.


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PA Core Standards for Mathematics K–12

Anchors and Eligible Content
Grade 3
Grade 4
Grade 5
Assessment Anchors and Eligible Content
Grade 6
Grade 7
Grade 8
Keystone Algebra 1



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Grade Level Materials

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K–5: Investigations (Banksville, King, Sunnyside)
K–5: My Math (Carmalt, Faison, Greenfield, Miller)
K–5: Everyday Math 4 (Arlington, Beechwood, Colfax, Concord, Dilworth)
Grades 6, 7, 8: Connected Math Project 3
Algebra: Center for Mathematics Education CME

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