• Why PPS?

    Dream Big. Work Hard.
    At Pittsburgh Public Schools, we prepare our students for the real world. We offer a variety of schools that match our diverse students' passions and unique needs so they can “Dream Big and
    Work Hard.”  

    This is a commonly used phrase at the Pittsburgh Public Schools that is intended to motivate our staff and students to achieve excellence. We’ve seen our big dreams and hard work turn into reality in a couple of key areas, which have allowed us to begin to unlock the full potential of our staff and students.
    The Pittsburgh Promise
    Earn up to $40,000 for CollegeThe Pittsburgh Promise is a big idea and a community commitment to all children who graduate from Pittsburgh Public Schools and who live in the City of Pittsburgh. Aimed at assisting Pittsburgh Public School graduates with post-secondary funds by providing scholarships to more than 100 qualifying colleges and trade/technical schools in Pennsylvania, the program has earned national attention and has motivated the District to think of other solutions in turning all of our students into Promise-Ready graduates.
    Empowering Effective Teachers

    Funded by a $40 million grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and more than $40 million in state and federal grants, the Pittsburgh Public Schools plan is to ensure that every student has an effective teacher in their classroom every day. Effective teachers are the number-one school-based factor for improving student outcomes. That's why the District is so focused on helping teachers be the best they can be for their students.

    With 100+ years of hard work under our belts, our dreams and work now focus on the next 100 years of our District.