• Learn More About Our New Web Presence! 

    Our goal in this redesign was to listen to parent, community and staff feedback and improve user experience for all visitors and for all devices. To help you get acquainted with the changes, we will walk you through what's new in the redesign. See our guide below! 

    A Homepage Redesign

    Same information, just a new look!

    Our new, larger slideshow will continue to showcase events and announcements that families need to see. Click the orange "Read More" to button to be guided to where you can receive more information about our annoucements!

    We've added a new Announcements section to highlight even more announcements around the district quicker than waiting for the photo slideshow to scroll. 

    The calendar remains in the same location. We know that parents and staff alike rely on this calendar to keep up to date with the district events.


    Screen shot of Home page


    Our Find It Fast menu are similar buttons in a different location. We've moved these from the upper right corner to the bottom of the screen. For those users that know where they need to go, we are sending them exactly where they need to go quickly.

    Homepage Screenshot

    New: A students page and a parents page that is customized for you. Are you a new parent and just aren't sure where to start? We want to lead you to this page to welcome you to the district. Are you a current parent that wants to log into eSchoolPLUS Home Access Center? We've made sure the link remains at the top for you to access quickly. 

    Mobile users: The Find It Fast menu can be found once in the menu section (we'll go more in depth a little further down the page when we discuss the menu). Look for the + sign third from the bottom. 

    Menu Screenshot for Mobile View  Mobile Screenshot of Find It Fast


    District News is now featured in a new tabbed form for us to provide more information in a smaller space. Tab from News, Featured District Videos, and Featured Board Videos to see what's happening around PPS. We've customized these tabs based on user feedback of what news is important to you!

    Screen shot of homepage District News Section

    A New Menu Structure
    Our website holds a lot of information. We know that it's sometimes hard to find the exact thing you're looking for. We're redesiging the menu structure to help organize our pages into four headers: "Our District, Our Programs, Our Students, Our Community"

    Our District: 
    Includes our previous menus Who We Are, Our Schools, Why PPS? 
    We combined a few of previous menus that define our district as well as provide quicker access to School Information, Enrollment and Leadership pages (Board of Directors, etc). 

    Our Programs: 
    Includes our previous menu: Academics 
    This menu highlights our curriculum pages as well as enrichment programs for our students. 

    Our Students: 
    Includes our previous menus: Supporting Students and Forms and Resources 
    This menu has all things related to our students that help them succeed at PPS. No more searching between menus for specific pages that help support our Students.

    Our Community: 
    Includes our previous menus: Forms and Resources as well as a few pages from Who We Are
    A combination of community relations, resources, and engagement links that we recognize community members and parents alike look for. Business opportunities, Policies, School Facility Use and Financial Reports are all quickly accessible in this menu. 

    Screenshot of Homepage

    Shortcut Menus 

    Find your school's Discover page quicker in the drop down at the top of the page under the PPS Schools menu.

    We've added a new "I would like to..." menu for quick links to important pages. 

    Beside these buttons on the desktop view is our improved search bar. We're listening to what parents and community members are searching for most and helping you find these pages easier. 

    Mobile-Friendly Responsive Design

    We have created four different break points for mobile screens. 

    What does this mean? No matter if you are using a laptop, an iPad, or your phone to view our website - our pages will adapt to the screen you are using for the best view. 


              Screenshot of Homepage Homepage Screenshot  . 

    Find our Mobile menu by clicking the three bars in the top right hand side!

    The white background indicates our main menu, click the + to expand and see the pages within each menu. In the black background, you will find our Shortcut Menus. Click the + to expand and see these pages!

    Mobile Screen Shot of Menu Mobile Screen shot Mobile Menu Screenshot



    Most Pages Will Remain the Same

    We focused on experience and structure for this redesign, however most pages will only receive slight visual redesigns. 

    Pages that we've updated this year: Enrollment, Find a School, Academic Programs, Student Resources, Transportation, Translation and Interpretation, Online Academy, Magnet Programs

    New pages that we've launched this year: Parents, Students, Kindergarten Registration, Watch a Board Meeting, Accesibility, Division for Charter Schools


    Are we missing something? Is there a page you would like us to highlight more? We are constantly listening to feedback and adjusting the website! Send us an email at webmaster@pghschools.org