• Service Opportunities in School
    FOCUS Backpack Initiative
    All 6th and 7th grade sections will take turns packing bags of food for area children experiencing food insecurity. There is no need to sign up. Each class will get its turn as the year progresses.
    Peabody Preschool Assistants
    We will have groups of 5 or 6 students visit the preschool on our 1st floor to help the teachers with activities and interact with the young children.
    Contact Michael Chapman mchapman1@pghboe.net with questions
    Student to Student Tutoring
    If there is a subject, or subjects, that you know well, share your knowledge with someone who needs help.
    Click on the link below to offer your services.
    Chalkboard Announcements
    Use your artistic gifts to welcome people to Obama Academy and inform the community about upcoming events. Sign Up on the link below.  The Chalkboard must be completed before the start of school on the Monday.  Students will be given a design brief on Wednesday of items that need to be included on the Chalkboard.