• Technology Office 

    The Department of Information and Instructional Technology – more commonly referred to as the Office of Information Technology (OIT) is organized into 4 primary teams:

    End-User Supports  :  Infrastructure   :  Business Operations  :  Data Warehousing
    As a Department, the OIT is aimed at supporting 4 primary goals for our entire district and assisting in implementing the District’s Strategic Plan: Expect Great Things

    To support our schools and District, the OIT is focused on these 4 foundational goals:

    Accelerating Academic Achievement: Being able to rely on all technical investments (software and hardware) is the core competency of any modern Information Technology department.  Doing so enables our institution to grow and strengthen our capabilities, efficiency and necessary supports.

    Eliminating Racial Disparities in Achievement: Ensuring that all schools and learners not only have access to modern technologies, collaboration capabilities and high quality learning environments, but also aiming to elevate the understanding of what works and what does not work with wise technical investment planning and equitable distributions of services and materials. 

    Create Positive School and District Culture: Growing the full district capacity to understand, utilize and grow our reporting and analytics capabilities aimed at supporting the growth of our learning culture.  This means not only using available data but also simplifying the access to that data and improving the quality of it by making sure schools, departments and all users understand their roles and responsibilities when it comes to either contributing to district data or using district data wisely and safely.  Here, OIT aims to support the Office of Data, Research, Evaluation and Assessment (DREA) as it supports this goal as well. 

    Fostering Innovation: Developments in software, hardware, access and expectations expands on student learning tools and resources available for our District.  Growing utilization with online resources, learning management systems and differentiation learning technologies and resources must be a goal that the district aims to continuously grow and accelerate our innovations. 


    The Technology’s team objective is to provide these capabilities with strict adherence to service levels, quality of service and training support, as well as aiming to simplify our application portfolio and matching our system capabilities to each specific school, learning and business need. Responsibilities of the Office include developing and maintaining the standards of the District’s full suite of technologies including all core applications, the local and wide-area network that services those applications, the district’s full telecommunication infrastructure, office production software, e-mail system and hardware / software operating system platforms, all technical support teams including remote and field support, including the Parent Hotline. The department also support DREA as it provides all State required student, teacher and program reporting and responds to all internal and external requests for data under the Pennsylvania Information Management System (PIMS) or the state’s Right to Know request process that services public transparency.